Contents of work

Jewellery trade fairs
To further our member’s jewellery business the JJA is co-organizer of both the International Jewellery Tokyo (IJT) held in January and the Japan Jewellery Fair (JJF) held in September of each year. These fairs are a forum for the display of products and the exchange of information and ideas among local and international visitors.
Jewellery Coordinator qualification examinations
To improve the salesperson’s ability to explain jewellery products to their customers, the JJA offers a course and certification, in jewellery sales and presentation. Since 1997 we have offered the course and certification in three levels of competence.
JJA Jewellery Design Awards, efforts for improvement of skills and techniques
Every year the JJA holds a jewellery design contest to encourage the development of new products and techniques and reward outstanding creativity. We also assist in the craftsmen examination system and work towards the improvement of jewellery production techniques and manuals.
Complete disclosure and other consumer protections
The JJA provides information on identification and classification of jewellery as well as codification of grading and disclosure information. We store and manage the diamond master grading set for accurate colour establishment in the industry. For consumers we provide easy to understand books on jewellery to enhance our industry standing with the general public.
Consumer advice
A certified advisory specialist for consumers’ affairs replies to consumers’ inquiries about jewellery.
International Interchange
JJA is a member of CIBJO (The World Jewellery Confederation). Through its members the JJA also interacts of with ICA (International Colored Gemstone Association), WFDB (World Federation of Diamond Bourses) and other international associations. We have a committee for ISO/TC174 standards, wherein we deliberate about the quality standards of jewellery, and methods of analysis of jewellery. As a result, we submit proposals of ISO’s for Japan.